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27 Jun 2012

This post will be a growing collection of useful SD papers. I'll try to include links to full text copies of the articles if they are available.

Systems Thinking
Strategic Clarity: Actions for Identifying and Correcting Gaps in Mental Models by Jim Ritchie-Dunham

Collaborative Model Building
Mediated Modeling:Using Collaborative Processes to Integrate Scientist and Stakeholder Knowledgeabout Greenhouse Gas Emissions in an Urban Ecosystem by Jessica L. ThompsonCraig B. ForsterCarol Werner & Tarla Rai Peterson

Participatory Modeling

The Role of Participatory Modeling in Landscape Approaches to Reconcile Conservation and Development Marieke Sandker, Bruce M. Campbell, Manuel Ruiz-PĂ©rez, Jeffrey A. Sayer, Richard Cowling,Habtemariam Kassa and Andrew T. Knight 

Modeling 2.0? State-of-the-art in participatory modeling by Alexander Nossum 

Evaluating Participatory Modelling 

Mediated Modeling for Participatory Energyplanning in Vermont. 

Mediated Modeling in science education

 Mediated modeling ofthe impacts of enhanced UV-B radiation on ecosystem services van den Belt M, Bianciotto OA, Costanza R, Demers S, Diaz S, Ferreyra GA, Koch EW, Momo FR, Vernet M.

 Modeling with Managers:Participative business modeling for effective strategy decision making Akkermans, 

Scripts for group model building Andersen, System Dynamics Review 13 187-203 

Group Model Building:Adding more science to the craft Andersen, System Dynamics Review 

Dynamic Systems Modeling for Scoping and Consensus Building, Costanza, Ecological Management

Using dynamic modeling to scope environmental problems and build consensus Environmental Management. 

Modelers in the Policy Process,Greenberger

Teamwork in group model building, Richardson, System Dynamics Review

Group model buildingeffectiveness: A review of assessment studies Rouwette, System Dynamics Review 

Using system dynamicsto improve public participation in environmental decisions Stave, System Dynamics Review 

Participatory decision making for sustainabledevelopment—the use of mediated modeling techniques, Paula Antunes 

Group model building, art and science, Vennix, System Dynamics Review

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